Implementation and administration of Employee Benefits does not differ from the process followed for full time staff. There may be a greater need for flexibility in terms of design and eligibility, however, these are issues that are dealt with before design to ensure that the client’s corporate needs and goals are being met. Cost sharing – eligibility – plan design and corporate objectives will dictate the process to a large degree.

Quarterly Experience Reviews
This report typically details the ratio of premiums to claims from renewal date relative to each quarter of the policy year. The report includes graph depictions of the information and may include comparative illustrations from the prior year in order to measure any change in trend. The review which, is based on the experience period from which the carrier will develop the renewal rate basis will typically include projections of what our client might expect to see with the renewal proposal from the carrier.

Employee Communication
Where appropriate we will develop communication for the employees to increase the awareness of the plan and associated costs. We will include information relative to escalating costs and experience together with suggestions to encourage the employees to participate in management of the plan.

Where plan design changes are being considered, if it is appropriate, we will conduct employee surveys to measure the employee’s understanding of the plan and costs.